Strong stories that touches the audience.
TV-journalism is the hardest way to produce journalism. But it is also the most rewarding way. Through the lens and microphone, TV-journalism offers the viewer content that will make them feel the pain of those suffering, and feel anger against those responsible. Here are three stories I’ve done.
    • 10 years experience
    • Local, national, international
    • Politics
    • Crime
    • General news

Investigative Journalism

In-depth stories with big impact
Investigative journalism is the very heart of all journalism. Whether it is diving into piles of documents or trying to find that last key person, investigations are what makes me want to pursue a career in journalism.
    • 9 years experience
    • local, national, and international investigations


    • Watchdog journalism
    • Corruption
    • Organized crime


Strenghten your investigative skills
The world is constantly changing. And so is the way to do quality journalism. Through this training you can make sure to develop skills in online research techniques, investigative journalism and in fact checking.
  • ½ day incl. preparations: 15.000 SEK 
    1 day incl. preparations: 20.000 SEK
    Other: Contact me for quotation

    • Investigative Journalism
    • Fact checking
    • Social media and online research